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If the future is our next breath, these poems are the wind they ride on.

- Sojourner Ahebee, Author of Reporting from the Belly of the Night


2022 The Watering Hole Writing Workshop Graduate Fellow

2022 Ploughshares Emerging Writer's Contest Honorable Mention

2022 Palette Poetry Previously Published Prize Finalist


2022 Write About Now Poetry's The Cookout Literary Prize Finalist - "Church Cousins"

2021 Best of the Net Nominee (Pigeon Pages NYC)


2021 Pathos Labs PopShift Narrative Impact Fellow

2021 Planet Earth Arts Creative Writing Prize –"Exhibition of a Dying City"


2021 Pigeon Pages NYC Poetry Prize Winner –"Nothing Blacker than My Bank Account"

2021 Foglifter Journal Start a Riot! Chapbook Prize Semifinalist – "Running From Streetlights"

2020 Button Poetry Video Contest Finalist – "Dream Journal (after Danez Smith)"

Adroit Prize for Poetry Semifinalist (2020) – "Poem Always Having to Repeat Itself"


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